Orange Blossom Water

Orange Blossom Water 橙花花水

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Orange Blossom Water is an ideal toner leaving your skin fresh and soothes facial irritations. It can be mixed with Ghassoul or facial mask instead of water to moisture the skin.

Orange Blossom Water is also valued for its capacity to perfume and sanitize an atmosphere.


Citrus aurantium amara flower water.


Spray Orange Blossom Water on the face and body to tone the skin and leave it feeling fresh and relaxed. Can be used to replace water for beauty masks.


The product has been tested on allergic skin but people can be allergic to different ingredients. To test if the product is suitable for you, place a small amount of the product on your inner arm, wash it off and wait for 24 hours. If no allergic reaction is seen, the product should be safe for use.