Amber Glycerine Soap

Glycerine Soap with Amber 琥珀甘油皂

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Highly soothing natural scent, the raw materials used in the manufacture of this product are vegetable. Made from vegetable oils without artificial coloring, preservatives or chemical additives. Recommended for all skin types. Avoid eyes.


Aqua, cocos nucifera, ricinus communis, glycerin, stearic acid, ethanol denaturated, sodium hydroxide, amber fragrance.


Recommended for use on the hands and body, for all skin types.


The product has been tested on allergic skin but people can be allergic to different ingredients. To test if the product is suitable for you, place a small amount of the product on your inner arm, wash it off and wait for 24 hours. If no allergic reaction is seen, the product should be safe for use.