Lavendar Body Scrub

Lavender Exfoliating Mineral Salts 薰衣草海鹽身體磨砂

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The Nectarome exfoliating salts are made of marine salts, apricot seed oil and lavender and bitter orange essential oils. Upon contact with the skin, these exfoliating salts dissolve and form a hydrolipidic film on the skin. Effectively get rid of dead skin cells all while protecting the skin and leaving a gentle fragrance on the skin. A marine salt body scrub is recommended weekly for a perfectly smooth and moisturized skin.


Sodium chloride, Prunus armeniaca kernel oil, Lavandula angustifolia oil, Citrus aurantium leaf oil, tocopherol, linalool


Mix the product well before use. Dampen the entire body before applying the salts while avoiding the eyes and mucous membranes.  Massage with soft circular motions. Insist on the dry and rough spots. Rinse thoroughly.


The product has been tested on allergic skin but people can be allergic to different ingredients. To test if the product is suitable for you, place a small amount of the product on your inner arm, wash it off and wait for 24 hours. If no allergic reaction is seen, the product should be safe for use.