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Welcome to close to the origin, we believe when skin and state of mind are back in their natural flow, they bring out the best in you.  We source natural & health products from all over the world and bring to you the best among all.

Nectarome (paraben and preservatives free)

Hello Autumn

Highly anti-oxidant, extremely light texture

Air-conditioned room can be as dry as a desert!  Your skin may actually need more moisture during Summer than Winter.  Prickly pear face serum is super light with a very pleasant odour, is perfect for overnight use as sleeping serum.

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Smooth and glowing skin in 10 mins

Natural Lavender Exfoliating Mineral, consists of marine salts, apricot seed oil and lavender and bitter orange essential oils.  Effectively remove dead skin, makes your skin look healthy and glowing, are you ready for Summer?

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Moisturizing spray with uplifting scent

The orange blossom water acts perfectly as a moisturizing spray for sensitive skin, it can also be used to mix DIY masks.  The uplifting scent makes you feel refreshed during Summer!

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Natural and premium quality


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